April 28th, Open House Bike-B-Q!

Place: Richmond Bicycle Co-op, 1806 Currie St (access in rear)
Group bike rides will be leaving from the fountain in Monroe Park at 11am and 12pm for folks who do not know how to get there.
Time: 11:00am-1pm

On April 28th, in the heat of both May Day weekend and Bike Week II celebrations, the Richmond Bicycle Co-op will be opening its doors for exhibition.
Though not fully arranged and equipped in line with our long-term vision, we want to make the city aware that there is a fully-operational bicycle co-op available as a community resource, waiting to meet the people’s needs.
We will be showing off the space and the services we are providing, or will be working to provide, explaining the idea behind the project, and most importantly illustrating how everyone can help this project thrive.
We will also have literature available covering a variety of bike-related issues, and are willing to host others’ contributions.
In addition, this event will be a (V) BBQ potluck! So please bring a dish or beverages, but please no public alcohol. (Please label dishes if possible)

Throughout the course of the event we will be encouraging donations to help raise the funds necessary to achieve the project’s goals.

Hopefully your food will be settled by 1pm for a Critical Mass ride, after a short safety briefing wherein the route will be announced.

New Page Added!

Now you can check out our inventory of bikes for sale!
Just click on the “THE LOT” tab to get there! We will update this regularly; more will be added soon.
All proceeds from the bikes go directly towards sustaining the co-op. We have a lot of startup costs and significant overhead due to the current process of relocation and expansion, and this is our main source of funding aside from general donations.

We will also be hawking these and other awesome bikes at the upcoming Bike Swap on the grounds of the VMFA, on April 22nd, from 11am-4:30pm. This event will be a part of BikeWeek II. You can find out more about the swap and BikeWeek at RideRichmond.net

We will also showcase some of the bikes we have for sale at our April 28th event, which you can learn more about here.

And if you want to come check out a bike in person, email us at rvabikecoop@gmail.com, or visit us at 1806 Currie St. on Mondays and Thursdays after 5pm. Garage access is in rear of building.

Hey y’all- Bike Night, April 2nd!

Over the past few months, the Co-op has been undergoing some big developments.
We just finished moving our small-scale operation out of Carytown, into what we hope to be our new and lasting home, right near VUU. Though the space is not permanently set-up and there is much work to be done to see out new plans, the co-op will continue to have Bike Night each Monday as we work towards officially re-opening April 28th.
We will need continuing support and participation throughout this process, as well, and we encourage all willing to volunteer time and energy!

Bike Night will happen from 5:30pm-9:00pm: come check out bikes for sale, fix your bike, help someone fix theirs, make a donation, or just chew the fat. 1806 Currie st.