Here’s how it works:

15 hours of work = $150 shop credit

Shop credit MUST be put towards a bicycle, if credit earned exceeds the value of  bicycle wanted, the remainder may be used however the participant wishes, but is not cash transferable.

Upon completion, each participant gets lights, a lock, and proof of ownership

What sort of work is needed?

  1. Much of the work we need help doing is basic donations organizing, parts salvaging, kid’s bicycle repair and giveaway, general bicycle repair and sale.
  2. Some other needs could be flyering all over town to advertise events and programs, picking up small donations, delivering small donations, graphic design, carpentry and general errand running,

You are eligible if

  • You live within city limits – if you don’t have stable housing, please direct us to someone who can vouch for your general proximity; all details will remain confidential.
  • You have read or have had our respect and inclusivity policy read to you by a volunteer, and agree to comply with it.
  • You sign up in person.
  • Please remember that every bicycle we DON’T sell for money, is a bicycle that ISN’T paying our growing rent, so please be honest about the level of your need.