What is Bike!Bike! SE?

Bike!Bike! SE is a regional gathering organized by bicycle co-operatives, bike kitchens, bike churches, etc. for other bicycle co-operatives, bike kitchens, bike churches, etc. The gathering consists of workshops to share our resources, knowledges, and to build a social network.

Who can come to Bike!Bike! SE?

Anyone who works or volunteers at a bicycle co-operatives, bike kitchens, bike churches, etc. that meets any or all of these guidelines:

  • Bike shops that focus on affordability with free or low cost services
  • Bike shops or organizations that recycle parts and bikes
  • Bike shops that have a “Do It Together” mentality (teach people to work on bikes)
  • Volunteer run bike shops
  • Non-profit bicycle organizations
  • Members of said organizations that want to share what they know!

What types of workshops will there be?

Workshops are organized and run by attendees, they can be about anything that might concern community bicycle projects and can be in any format including presentations, hands-on workshops, discussion groups, and bicycle rides. If you would like to host you own workshop you can enter details after registering. What ends up in the final schedule and when they happen are decided on by the conference hosts.

Where can I stay? How will I eat?

We will be arranged accommodation for anyone who does not have friends living in Richmond already, in addition to providing a meal or two daily.

I can’t bring my bike with me what do I do?

If you register and need a bike as well we can arrange something though it may not be your preferred style of bike.

Is there an event page or a way to get updates?

Yup, it’s right here!