Everyone has their own reasons for loving Rag & Bones. And we love you all back.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer regularly, but still want to help us give folks the freedom of sustainable transportation, consider signing up and pledging to donate on a monthly basis. In addition to allowing us to continue our work, a reliable flow of income would help us to introduce some very important programs in the future.

Programming ideas the community has expressed interest in, and have asked us to provide:

  • Monroe Park pop-up bike repair (Sundays during food distribution: off site)
  • Youth bicycle maintenance clinics with public libraries (off site)
  • Holiday season kids’ bike drive
  • Wheel building courses (on and off site)
  • Bicycle maintenance clinics for school age children (off site)
  • Open shop more than 14hrs/week

If you’d like to see any of these things happen, or have any additional suggestions, please become a member.
Whether it’s paying for gas and food to go off site, or paying the coordinators responsible for these programs, your donations move us closer to long term stability, which is what a capable, consistent, and community oriented coop needs.