We provide community space, tools and knowledge on how to work on bicycles.
We provide community space, tools and knowledge on how to work on bicycles.

Let Your City Speak made a promotional video about us.

Rag & Bones is a grassroots project and registered 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to spreading knowledge of bicycle maintenance, repair, and safety through an inclusive, safe, and casual setting.

The space contains workbenches, literature, and tools available the public, as well as plenty of recycled parts. On-site staff and volunteers are available to help answer questions and teach new skills during open hours.

The co-operative provides refurbished bicycles to those in need. We do so on a sliding-scale donation basis, in consideration of people’s varied means. We do have operating costs, and rely fully on donations to meet those costs. We aim to work with other organizations in the community, and also sell our bikes out of Circle Thrift and Art to support their gallery.

We are a volunteer run organization.

To volunteer you don’t need to have wrenching experience – we need individuals to coordinate projects, to help keep the space neat and organized, to aid in hosting events, do graphics and design work and so on. If you’re more interested in volunteering during open hours without prior experience, we have several volunteer trainings a year that go through all the mechanical knowledge you will need during an open hours shift.

-You’ve got busted Huffys, we’ve got tools.