Open Shop & Sales

Our old shop space in Scott’s Addition

Our shop is a Do-It-Yourself repair space. That means we have all the tools and knowledge for you to complete your bike repair yourself, alongside one of our volunteer mechanics on staff who is there to guide you. We have plenty of additional books and resources for you to learn about bike repair. Open shop hours function essentially as a tool share, where you pay for time with the tools and mechanic.

Currently, stand time and tool use costs $10/hour, or $5/30 minutes.

We also offer a combination of affordable used and new parts to get you back on the road. Used parts are charged on a sliding scale basis, according to your need. Our parts library is extensive; we offer wheels, tires, brakes and levers, shifters and derailleurs, frames and forks and all sorts of accessories used.

To help keep the space open, we sell affordable refurbished bikes to the community. These range in price from $50-$350, depending on the type of bicycle and how much work we have put into it. To view what’s for sale right now, you can check this Instagram Highlights reel.

We will begin to offer more new parts in 2023, so check back for what we’re stocking then.