The Rag & Bones Mission

Our Mission Statement

Rag & Bones is a member driven and volunteer run non-profit educational space that aims to provide near universal access to bicycle repair and technical knowledge, affordable bicycles and parts, and a space within which to feel safe and welcome while learning and repairing.

How is this achieved at a bicycle shop?

We operate as a cooperative. This means each and every decision is intentionally deliberated upon by some or all of us, giving equal standing to those involved. Walk into our shop and you’ll find a mechanic who is available during our hours of operation, who you can ask for advice or instruction about how to fix your bicycle. We don’t fix it for you, we help you do it yourself.

We offer mostly used and occasionally new parts for sale. We acquire the majority of these goods via donation from community members like you. The sale of refurbished bicycles and parts is our main source of income, all of which is used to pay rent and operating expenses. 

All of our staff are volunteers. Nobody gets paid. We do this to stoke the proverbial fire that keeps the bike community alive.