For residents in Richmond who need transportation but do not have the funds to buy a bicycle, we have an adult Earn-A-Bike program.

Here’s how it works:
15 hours of work = $150 shop credit

Shop credit MUST be put towards a bicycle, if credit earned exceeds the value of  bicycle wanted, the remainder may be used however the participant wishes, but is not cash transferable.

You are Eligible if:

  • You live in the Richmond metro area.
  • You have read our respect and inclusivity policy and agree to comply with it.
  • You sign up in person at the shop during our open hours.
  • Please remember, every bike we don’t sell for money is a bicycle that isn’t helping us keep the space open, so please determine your need with that in mind.

Volunteer work you might do:

  • Basic donations organization
  • Part organizing
  • Kids bike repair and giveaway
  • Flyering around town to advertise the shop and events
  • Picking up small donations
  • Carpentry and general cosmetic shop help