How to Get Involved

Rag & Bones is an all volunteer and donation supported endeavor. When we started this more than 10 years ago, it was our hope to provide community space for people to share knowledge with each other, and to access bicycles and bicycle repair, no matter their background or means.

As we have grown, we have expanded to serving more groups of people with more programming and trying to provide more space for community to come together. Help us keep it alive!

To help us pay rent and space fees while getting special discounts, you can become a member of the coop. To donate used parts, bicycles, or other material donations you think we might want, check out ways to donate. If you are interested in helping us run this place, or donating you special skills and time, you can sign up to be a volunteer. If you want to give us things but don’t know what we need, check out our wish list. We hope to see you around!