Educational Literature

We promote education in and outside the shop.
We promote education in and outside the shop.

This is a space for all sorts of literature related to biking. We will put suggested books, printable zines and small pamphlets for you here. If you have any of your own suggestions for this page, email us at! We always want your input and suggestions.


Chainbreaker Bike Book: A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance : A hand-illustrated and accessible introduction to the world of bike repair! Through working at both Plan B Bike Project and French Quarter Bicycles in New Orleans, our co-authors have gathered a wealth of experience to share with would-be mechanics. The first half of this book is a complete repair manual to get you started on choosing, fixing, and riding your bike. The second half reprints all four issues of Chainbreaker zine, whose originals were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.


Do It Yourself Bike Touring : for those who want to tour, but think they need to save a ton of money to do so (you don’t).

A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance : an awesome zine with detailed drawings and labeling for repairs and know-how. Later published as part of the Chainbreaker Bike Book.


Why Critical Mass?: some information on what critical mass is and why we participate in it.

Super Basic Bike Check

Basic How to: Build a 36 Spoke Wheel