Wheel Building Class: Coming 2017

We’re putting on our first wheel building class!

We’ll be able to instruct three to four students who must attend the Q&A. Those wishing to move on with the class can pay $15-$30 dollars either prior to the Q&A or during it.

If a student doesn’t have the parts to build a desired front or rear wheel, we have a limited amount of hubs and rims that are available for sale for an additional $5 each.

Timeline as follows

Sun. Jan. 8th 2017 @ 6:30 Q&A open to all and free to the public
This is your chance to ask all the questions you want, about budget, timeline, etc. etc., so that you can bail before it’s too late. This will also be when you will sit down with our staff and figure out one on one what hub/rim your wheel will get, based on your budget and make payment.
Should more than 4 people like to take the class, and thus necessitate a second round of classes, will work with folks to make that happen, we promise.

Jan. Sun. 22nd class No. 1 7pm – 9/9:30pm

Jan. Sun. 29th class 7pm – play it by ear
This is for anyone needing more time/guidance on their wheel.

*******If you are a mechanic and wish to become better at building wheels, or learn how to in the first place, please come to our Q&A session*******

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