Announcement Time: Opening Saturdays!

We are excited to announce that we will be rolling out our First Full Day of Open Hours on Saturday, May 6th from 10-6! Please join us during Bike Month to celebrate this milestone for our organization.    Rag & Bones will be open every Saturday from 10-6 so feel free to come on through … Continue reading Announcement Time: Opening Saturdays!

Wheel Building Class: Coming 2017

We're putting on our first wheel building class! We'll be able to instruct three to four students who must attend the Q&A. Those wishing to move on with the class can pay $15-$30 dollars either prior to the Q&A or during it. If a student doesn't have the parts to build a desired front or … Continue reading Wheel Building Class: Coming 2017

What is BikeBike!?

What is Bike!Bike! SE? Bike!Bike! SE is a regional gathering organized by bicycle co-operatives, bike kitchens, bike churches, etc. for other bicycle co-operatives, bike kitchens, bike churches, etc. The gathering consists of workshops to share our resources, knowledges, and to build a social network. Who can come to Bike!Bike! SE? Anyone who works or volunteers at a bicycle … Continue reading What is BikeBike!?