Hey y’all- Bike Night, April 2nd!

Over the past few months, the Co-op has been undergoing some big developments.
We just finished moving our small-scale operation out of Carytown, into what we hope to be our new and lasting home, right near VUU. Though the space is not permanently set-up and there is much work to be done to see out new plans, the co-op will continue to have Bike Night each Monday as we work towards officially re-opening April 28th.
We will need continuing support and participation throughout this process, as well, and we encourage all willing to volunteer time and energy!

Bike Night will happen from 5:30pm-9:00pm: come check out bikes for sale, fix your bike, help someone fix theirs, make a donation, or just chew the fat. 1806 Currie st.

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