April 28th, Open House Bike-B-Q!

Place: Richmond Bicycle Co-op, 1806 Currie St (access in rear)
Group bike rides will be leaving from the fountain in Monroe Park at 11am and 12pm for folks who do not know how to get there.
Time: 11:00am-1pm

On April 28th, in the heat of both May Day weekend and Bike Week II celebrations, the Richmond Bicycle Co-op will be opening its doors for exhibition.
Though not fully arranged and equipped in line with our long-term vision, we want to make the city aware that there is a fully-operational bicycle co-op available as a community resource, waiting to meet the people’s needs.
We will be showing off the space and the services we are providing, or will be working to provide, explaining the idea behind the project, and most importantly illustrating how everyone can help this project thrive.
We will also have literature available covering a variety of bike-related issues, and are willing to host others’ contributions.
In addition, this event will be a (V) BBQ potluck! So please bring a dish or beverages, but please no public alcohol. (Please label dishes if possible)

Throughout the course of the event we will be encouraging donations to help raise the funds necessary to achieve the project’s goals.

Hopefully your food will be settled by 1pm for a Critical Mass ride, after a short safety briefing wherein the route will be announced.

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