Progress Report – 7/26

      Things are rolling along smoothly and the space just keeps getting better!

      Lately, donations have been pouring in from awesome people around the community, and we are so thankful! Since it is now the middle of summer, staffing has been a little low, but we plan to have a lot of bikes coming off the lot soon. We have been successfully open 3 days a week for months now and many people have benefited from free use of the tools, affordable bicycles / parts, and our collection of repair manuals and other literature.

     The space has become a reflection of the people who use it, giving life to an otherwise dull and industrial area. We have had a few cook-outs and participated in a couple of races, gathering people from all parts of the community in fun ways. The positive feedback we receive is overwhelmingly helpful, giving us motivation to continue working harder and more efficiently to provide such a valuable resource to those in need. Our hope is that, with the support of the community and the hard work of our staff / volunteers, this project will flourish for years to come.

     So, thank you…

     Thank you all so much for seeing this thing through to reality, welcome to the shop!

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