Kidz Bikez, Chain Ring Art, and Volunteering!!!!!

So we’ve re-opened our doors at a new location and want to get the ball rolling. We have a couple kids bike that need good homes. If you know anyone who is 11 yrs old or younger and its their birthday. Clear up space for us by taking one for FREE!!!. Offer good only for ages <11
Some bike artists in Tuscon ,AZ want a lot of chain rings for who knows what reason. If you have some gnarled teeth (or any busted parts/tires/etc.) bring um' down so we can free up space in the landfills.
The bike cooperative is run by volunteers and we want more people to help one-on-one with visitors, strip down bikes, build bikes, and other various tasks of running a community bike shop. If saving defenseless bicycles from the mounds of post-consumerist waste, transforming "trash" into usable bikes/art/anything, and spreading bicycle wizard knowledge sounds interesting then you should click on the volunteer tab…or not.

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