Hey folks! Rag & Bones staff members are taking a trip to the Big Easy this October to attend Bike!Bike! – a convention dedicated to bringing together the brains behind cooperative bike projects across the globe.


Not only are we going to have a hell of a lot of fun, we hope to bring back a lot of valuable resources, insight, and knowledge to help further our project and give more back to the community.

We thank y’all so much for all the support we have been given – we have made leaps and bounds in the past year and a half and we aren’t slowing down. But we are still volunteer-run, and operate with a very tight budget.

So, we hope y’all will throw us a couple bones to help get us there and back on a full stomach! You can donate to our WePay account here:

ImageAnd check out more about Bike!Bike! at http://www.bikebike.org/