Bike-In Theater at Rag & Bones!

Rag & Bones, in conjunction with the Gene Pool Collective, is proud to present a Bike-In Theater Presentation of Manalive: A Play with Musicmanalive posterBelow is the description from the Facebook Event:

Who is Innocent Smith? Is he innocent at all?
Find out in MANALIVE! A fantastic new show about five modern twenty somethings and their new housemate, a jolly, romantic, revolver-toting vagabond named Innocent Smith.
However, their new friend harbors a dark secret, a secret that could be murder.

Written, cast, and produced by The Gene Pool Collective!

The Bike in Theater will be taking place at Rag & Bones, 3110 W. Leigh Street, on Saturday April 26th. The play begins at 6pm, so please arrive on time! It is free, and all those who bike there will be entered to win a patch! See you there!